Trouble Shooting

On this page you will see a few trouble shooting questions that will help assist in getting the most out of your fitness tracker. Please look through the questions here to see if what you need assistance with has been answered before contacting us.

Q: Electronic copy of Fitness Tracker Instructions?

Q: What app do I use and how to pair my Fitness Tracker?

  1. Download and open the FREE app called “JYou” Look for this logo on your app store.
  2. Ensure your fitness tracker is on
  3. Turn on blue tooth on your phone
  4. You may skip login by pressing “Over Login”
  5. Within the app click settings
  6. Click Binding equipment
  7. Click the arrows forming a circle in the top right to scan for your Fitness Tracker
  8. Your fitness tracker should appear in the binding equipment screen.
  9. If it does not appear, ensure you have GPS turned on, on your phone as some phones require GPS to be turned on in order for their Bluetooth to be able to find nearby devices.
  10. Click your fitness tracker which usually starts with a Y5 number and it should pair.

Q: How do I recharge my Fitness Tracker, is it flat?

  1. First press and hold the button on the fitness tracker screen for 5 seconds to try and turn it on.
  2. The fitness tracker may have turned on during transit and could be flat, so it may need to be recharged.
  3. Remove the lower wrist strap to reveal a USB connector.
  4. An easy way to remove the wrist strap is wriggle it side to side as you pull on it. (it may be a little tight the first few times as to ensure its waterproofing)
  5. Ensure you have the correct side of the wrist strap removed. The correct side will have the word USB on the underside of the fitness tracker and once you remove the strap it will have 2 copper contacts on the USB connector.
  6. Insert the fitness tracker into a USB to start re-charging. Please ensure the device with the USB port is powered and switched on such as Laptop, TV, Phone charger.
  7. You should see a green battery logo appear on screen upon recharging. If it does not begin to charge after some seconds, try flipping the fitness tracker upside down so the screen is facing the other way in the event it was inserted the wrong way.
  8. If you have another USB Port available such another phone charger or Laptop/Computer try one of those.

If all the above fails please contact us via our contact page.